Tuesday, November 06, 2007

AmeriNZ #51 – Mark from Slap

Episode 51 is now available, and it's free no matter where you get it from. You can listen to it or download it through the player at the bottom of the post here, or subscribe for free through iTunes here (you must have the free iTunes player installed). You can also listen to it for free through the player on my MySpace page.

Oh! Canada! It's an extra long episode today, as I talk with Mark from one of my favourite sites, Slap Upside the Head. Mark is Canadian, currently living in Montreal. We talk about all sorts of things, like his growing up in Canada, and something of what the country is like. Are gay rights really better in Canada? What can the Canadian experience teach American activists? We fit in some talk about terrorism, the influence of right wing religionists, and even sports! Canada, the US and New Zealand all get some compare and contrast action.

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A couple Slaps we talked about:

Peace Activist Ejected By Church

Point/CounterPoint: The Dumbledore Controversy

My "Guest Slap" on Mark's site called It's All About Maps

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I was so serious!

At least my lack of headset combined with my cold-recovery voice helped us create the world's first podcast/hearing test. ;-)

Anyway, thanks so much for having me on the show, Arthur! I had fun!

Arthur Schenck said...

It was a lot of fun talking with you, Mark, and I've had a lot of "off air" positive feedback about this episode. Plus, a lot of Canadians have visited my site, which I'm really glad about. I look forward to having you back on the podcast!