Monday, June 18, 2007

First photo of me

I’ve had a fair amount of flak over the lack of a photo of me on this blog. As I said before, when I started this blog the fact that I didn’t include a photo wasn’t deliberate. However, like a lot of people, I don’t usually like photos of me, and that’s the reason I haven’t posted one since.

None of which has stopped the demands from time to time, so today is the day I finally post a photo of me. The photo with this post is, quite literally, the first photo of me—it was taken when I was one day old.

Yes, I’ll post more recent photos (although I found one of me at age three I quite like…), but not until there’s one I like, so more patience is required. Still, now that I’ve broken through the “no photo” barrier, it’s more likely that I’ll post an at least relatively recent photo of me. Actually, I think it shouldn’t be too hard to find a photo that’s “relatively” more recent than when I was one day old.

In the meantime, no one can say that I’ve never posted a photo of me, so mission accomplished (and we all know how that phrase doesn’t mean what it appears to say).


Kalv1n said...

Aw! You know, I usually think new-borns are hideously ugly, but this one doesn't look so bad. :)

Jimmi said...

Cheater! Now get one of those more recent pics up there! ;)

CallBox7 said...

Seriously, at least one from High School :-)

lost in france said...

Hmm. Cute baby. I understand about not wanting to put a photo on your blog.

Arthur Schenck said...

Okay, I admit it: I was being a bit impish in posting this particular photo. But if I took Archerr's advice, it would next year sometime before I posted a truly recent photo.