Friday, June 22, 2007

AmeriNZ #19 – A Special Guest

Episode 19 is now available, and it's free no matter where you get it from. You can listen to it or download it through the player at the bottom of the post here, or subscribe for free through iTunes here (you must have the free iTunes player installed). You can also listen to it for free through the player on my MySpace page.

Joining me today is my very special guest—my partner Nigel! Mike Hipp of podcastsoup.net wins the imaginary prize for guessing correctly.
We begin by talking about Nigel’s childhood in small-town New Zealand and what it was like. What was the first thing Nigel bought with his own money? And what was the first record he bought? He then explains some of how New Zealand has changed, sometimes radically, in his lifetime.
What’s it like for Nigel being Maori in modern New Zealand? Is there racism? What about friction between Maori and other Polynesians?
Nigel also shares his impressions of the US, a place he loves to visit. What were some of the things he noticed? What American thing would he like to have in New Zealand?
Then we talk about some silly stuff, including shout outs to Tom the Ramble Redhead, Kalvin of Hello Waffles, whom Nigel doesn’t even know, and another podcaster. Of course Nigel was just kidding about Nik in Paris’ comment on Episode 18.
Leave a comment, or send an email to me at amerinz[at]yahoo.com. You can send an email to Nigel there, too, and I’ll forward it. Probably.
Update: I'm also on a podcaster's special Friday Group Chat (the episode is no longer available).


Anonymous said...

I LOVED this episode of AmeriNZ! Nigel has lived such an interesting life. I really enjoyed hearing about it. I also enjoyed hearing his take on the US and hearing what it was like when he was younger in NZ. Of course I want to see pictures of Nigel now....and you! I want you to follow my suggestion and post one picture a week for each year you've been around.

Sorry to hear about the car accident. I hope it wasn't a big deal and every things okay now.

I think you should have Nigel on more often. And give him a drink or two if he wants. What was that wine you were talking about? I heard Nigel mention something about wine and missed what it was.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this one. So much fun hearing you guys together. I want more of the two of you together. What fun!! A big hello and hug to you both!

mike hipp said...

Lovely episode Arthur and Nigel. Enjoyed it very much.

Nigel seems to be a perfectly wonderful person. The tone of his voice is very soothing and of course I love a nice Kiwi accent!

Other than Chicago and perhaps Dallas/Houston you should avoid the middle part of our country on your next visit. Stick with the coasts and make sure you come to Atlanta! You haven't seen hospitatlity until you've spent a period of time in the capital of the GLBT south.

Suggestion for next time Nigel is on.... speak more about his Maori heritage. It's simply fascinating to hear about the amicable relationship between Euro-Kiwis and Maori juxtaposed against the bitter and confrontational relationship between Euro-Americans and Native Americans.

Nik-in-Paris said...

This was a fantastic episode. Like Mike and Archerr have said, I completely LOVED hearing from Nigel.

In particular I thought it was really interesting to hear about the differences between Kiwis and Aussies. Growing up in the UK I knew a lot of Australians but very few New Zealanders.

I'd love to hear more about Maori tradition and culture. It'd also be interesting to hear about the differences between the NZ cities, they seem to provoke strong reactions from you both!

Oh, by the way, my toilet in France has two buttons too! Fascinating isn't it...

The banter and rapport between the two of you was excellent, very fun and very very sweet!

All the best to both of you,

Nik x

Nigel, will you ever forgive me?? Even after grovelling?! I loved the music... :)

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Hi Arthur - this was (again) a really great show
Nigel is very funny and has a thrilling voice! The discussion was Interesting and informative as usual and not boring at all! Were his by the way quite attractive accents New Zealandish or Maori? Does Nigel speak Maori?
You both were so sweet together
It was nice to listen to two guys so obviously in love. Please do ask him to reappear on the show.
The song at the end of the podcast was brilliant.

Michael in Stuttgart

CallBox7 said...

Great show guys, I especially liked the disco-music station in the background.

I do come bearing gifts for Nigel however. Follow this link to all that American TV has to offer from the comfort of your computer.


You will need a BT client, if you need help with it let me know.

Jason in DC said...

Where exactly does one leave a comment on the blog or at the podcast site?

I thought it was great podcast.

I do have one question there's a little icon that says explicit. How exactly are your podcasts explicit? I think you need to work on that one a little more.

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Nigel has read them, too, and would thank you himself, if this thing didn't have only one contributor ;-) . He'll be on again.

Archerr: Thanks! It was a fun episode to do, even if Nigel insisted I have prepared "interview" questions! Pictures? Well....

The car is being fixed right now. not a big drama, really.

Nigel mentioned a "sticky wine", by which he means a late harvest Riesling or Semillon, which are far too sweet for me--almost syrupy. Oddly, to me they also taste more strongly of alcohol. He likes a late harvest Semillon called "Rose Tree Cottage", which I think is normally for restaurants and export. Hm, maybe we should do a "wine show". Nah, skip that--I don't know anywhere near what you do!

Thanks for the hug!

Mike: Nigel IS a wonderful person, not that I'm biased or anything. We haven't been to the South of the US together yet, and I haven't been in Atlanta in 27 years.

I also think the difference in treatment of indigenous people is interesting. In truth, though, it's a question of degree, as there are some darker chapters in NZ history, too. Maybe we can structure an episode around Maori issues.

Nik: Thanks Nik! I'm not surprised that in the UK you knew more Aussies than Kiwis; Aussies are much louder (yes, I'm joking).

Speaking of joking, we weren't completely serious about the cities; there's a bit of rivalry among the cities, with some (mostly) good-natured banter back and forth.

I'm sure Nigel will forgive you. I stuck up for you, you'll have noticed.

Aarwork: Vielen dank! Nigel's accent is one of the many variations of a Kiwi accent—there are regional and cultural variations, just as there are in most countries. Nigel speaks a little Maori, but isn't fluent (yet).

Daniel: Thanks for the gift, Daniel. The background music was also Nigel's idea. I guess he finds the idea of recording a conversation in a quiet room daunting, although I'm alone when I do it.

Jason: Either site. I encourage comments to this one, but I can get them at Podomatic, too.
The explicit tag is so I can say whatever I want (and so can guests). Also, iTunes gets a bit funny about podcasts' content and tags.

d said...

Hiya! I'm finally catching up on your podcasts starting with this one.

First, y'all are just adorable! You mesh really well together. :) Nigel sounds *just* like a co-worker of mine whom I call my "work husband" (although I'm fairly certain he would never want to see a girl naked).

Anywho, so some thoughts on the podcast:

1) I can assure you that Americans and Canadians do not smell the same! Esp the Quebecquois... ;)

2) I also think the Aussies smell different from Kiwis (not that I've gone around smelling people..)

3) The Maori/Pac Islander question was a result of watching "'bro town" as well as rumblings I've heard here at work drinks. Maybe it's more localized in particular parts of the country/cities in NZ?

4) I've visited Auckland once, and I can tell you I was quite happy to hightail it back here to Wellington! Would not want to live there, but to each his own, right? Makes visiting all that much better when you have people to go see. :)

5) I liked the ending song! Is Nigel a name particular to NZ? Or does it have UK roots?

On to the next podcast!

Anonymous said...

Arthur and Nigel - Was a fabulous (!!) podcast. As has already been stated, you were very sweet together and I can't wait for the next time you are on together. I've been away for a week, so am just now catching up.

Now, the faggot in me is very interested you (both) answering the following questions, if they are not too personal:

* When did Nigel know that he was gay and had he dated any other Americans before Arthur came along?

* What was Nigel's family's reaction to finding out he was gay? Was it a problem coming from such a large family?

* What was Nigel's family's reaction to him partnering with someone he had known a relatively short period of time?

* All couples have things they have to resolve in the long term. Were your issues complicated by the fact that you were from different continents or did you simply meld together so easily? You both sound like you have very similar personalities that this must have made your compatibility easier.

* Obviously you both have lots of nieces and nephews (at least from Nigel's side). Did you guys ever consider adopting or was being an uncle always enough?

* Did the fact that Nigel has a partial Maori background factor into his/other's acceptance of being gay? I'm totally ignorant of any prejudices that might be specific to Maori.

* When are you guys doing the civil ceremony thing? I know you have talked about it in passing. Are you waiting for a specific time or event?

Okay, I'm through playing Ramble Redhead for the moment.

Best wishes to the guys from NZ.

Arthur Schenck said...

D: Thanks!

I'm guessing that the "smell" comments weren't literal, and must be a Kiwi thing. I'm sure I wouldn't have put it the same way.

I think that there may be some regional differences, but I don't think that, in general, there's really the kind of division that "Bro'town" (A NZ cartoon aimed at adults) depicts; I think they're just taking the mickey. I know I've never experienced anything like it, which is what makes me think there might be regional differences (maybe we should discuss this when you're on the podcast!).

I love Auckland because it's big and full-on. I moved here after living in Chicago for 13 years, and that city has more people than all of New Zealand. But I also like visiting Wellington (and other places, too, of course). And you're right, it IS better to visit when you know people!

I think--and someone can correct me--that "Nigel" is mainly a British name that's common in other Commonwealth countries as a result of the British influence.

John: Thank you for the comments! Those are very good questions--so much so, I think they'd make a great start to the next podcast Nigel and I do together. Thanks--now I don't have to think of as many questions to ask!

Actually, I'd be really interested in any questions people would like answers to. Anyone can leave questions here, or email me at amerinz[at]yahoo.com.

Kalv1n said...

I really enjoyed this podcast. I think it was funny how Nigel kept expecting you to take it down a more "humorous" path. And I can't believe that he bought an electric blanket. Those things are, well, okay I suppose, and hey, I thought people only used hot water bottles for enema bags anymore, or am I mistaken that people do that at all? Oh, and you're a chicken hawk? Well, I was flagging dark green on the right all weekend long.

Arthur Schenck said...

Well, Kalvin, perhaps it's just your group that uses hot water bottles in that way? Five years difference (and it is only five, despite what Nigel says) hardly makes me a chicken hawk, I wouldn't have thought.

CondoBlogger said...

SO GLAD I FINALLY got around to listening to this show!

So much fun! I laughed outloud when Nigel complained bout not getting the Sci-Fi channel! Cool that he's a sci-fi guy. NOW I know (or at least have a very good guess) where your cat got her name. Or maybe that is her symbiant's name. :)

I didn't realize that Nigel was Maori... or at least partly so. Yet another cool layer of the onion peels away!

CondoBlogger said...

This is what happens when you comment before listening to the whole show... I had to come back and ask about "Making Plans for Nigel." Who is it? What a great song to end the show with.

Arthur Schenck said...

Glad you enjoyed this one, CB. We'll be doing another one before too long, I hope.

Yes, our cat--Curzon Dax--is a "Star Trek" name. Other cats among friends and family have similar names: One was called Odo (he died), Sisko, and Martok (who was our cat's best friend until he ran away).

Actually, you COULD say our dog's name, Jake, is influenced by "Deep Space Nine", too: Jake Sisko was Captain Sisko's son. In his case, though, it's a bit more complicated than that.

RambleRedhead said...

Hey wait I wanted him to be on my show!

Anonymous said...
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