Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My good excuse

I love public holidays. There’s nothing quite like a three-day weekend every now and then to allow for fun and frivolity—and that vaguely naughty feeling that comes from playing when you’d normally be at work or school.

It’s great—except for one thing: Holidays really mess with your mind. Nigel took Friday off, too, so we had a four-day weekend. Starting on Sunday, I thought it was a day earlier than it actually was.

Which brings me to today.

Sure, I knew it was Wednesday, but I felt it was Tuesday, and that’s podcast day. So I was trying to work out when I should pause in my work to record, which I didn’t really have the time to do, and then it hit me: I was already a day late, and only two days away from my main episode on Friday.

I agonised over what to do and, in the end, I decided to just forget about doing the early week podcast and wait for the end of week episode. Naturally, I felt guilty about that.

However, like salve to a burn, I have the consolation that another podcaster recorded a catch-up show with me. We just chat and giggle and talk about serious things and not so serious things. It was a real catch-up conversation, the first time we’ve spoken via Skype since he was on my podcast.

He has now posted the show so, if you want to hear me before Friday, you can get the episode, where you can download or listen free online.

Okay, so getting mixed up about days isn’t a great excuse for missing recording my Tuesday podcast, but at least I didn’t leave my listeners totally high and dry. One good thing is that this will probably help put off my having to worry about running out of bandwidth for another month.

At any rate, things are bound to settle down soon and I can get my regular schedule back on track. You have been warned.


M said...

Hi Arthur! I heard you on Archer Radio this morning and feeling adventurous, I went to your site and then subscribed to you in itunes. I'm on the third show now and really enjoying listening to your viewpoint. Looking forward to more!

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks, Matthew! I'm always glad to have new listeners! If there's anything you'd like to know more about, just leave a comment or send me an email and I'll address the question(s).

The next episode will be up sometime tomorrow, Friday NZ time.