Thursday, June 07, 2007

More of me

Okay, so I got all confused about the days of the week (Go ahead, feel free to have another chuckle over that. I’ll wait).

Well, I may have missed recording my own show this past Tuesday, but I’m on more shows than usual already this week. Yesterday I mentioned being on ArcherRadio, and today there’s another.

I recorded a show with Tim Corrimal for his personal podcast, There Are Some Who Call Me Tim, which has now been posted (it’s Episode 28, and is available here).

We basically just catch-up and chat about all sorts of things, including one way in which our childhoods were similar. Tim’s a great guy and was very supportive when I started podcasting. Give his show a listen, as well as his other podcast, Go Rainbow Radio.

You may get the idea from these “guest spots”, and the fact that my own guests so far have been podcasters, that we podcasters are all great pals. Well, many of us are friends—or, at least, friendly. A lot of “guest spot” podcasts are basically friends getting together for a chat that we record and share with the world.

You can do that, too, by creating your own podcast. Tim has begun producing a series of videos on how he podcasts (they’re all on his site, There Are Some Who Call Me Tim). They’re a great way to peek behind the curtain to see how Tim puts a podcast together.

Meanwhile, I’ll be uploading my next podcast tomorrow afternoon (NZ time)—I promise!

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