Sunday, April 05, 2020

Jake is 13

This year Jake turned 13. Understandably, I wasn’t exactly in a mood to celebrate, but I made a fuss of Jake all the same, pretty much the same way I have most years: I gave him extra pats and cuddles, and his dinner was his usual dry food, with some tinned dog food (both the same premium brand), with a little bacon fat drizzled on it. He loved it, of course, and also enjoyed the extra attention.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Jake, and when I say “we”, I mean me and Leo. For some reason, Leo always “sings along” with that song, and only that song, something that Nigel first noticed when it was used in something he was watching on TV and Leo started “singing”. We sang it many times afterward because ti made us laugh, and sometimes Sunny joined in a bit. Jake would just wag his tail; he’s not much into singing.

Yesterday, Jake didn’t seem to mind his serenade, and Sunny was nearby smiling. At least, I think that’s what she was doing—it could have been a grimace of pain from the singing.

Jake’s still a happy and active boy, though getting older and moving slower, of course. (a bit like me). I have no idea whether Jake feels Nigel’s absence, but I think/believe that because I made sure that they saw Nigel after he died the furbabies understood in whatever way dogs grasp such things. He certainly hasn’t seemed depressed or in mourning, though I’m not exactly sure what it would look like if he was. Basically, he just seems the same as always.

Two years ago I said that Jake “came to live with us at a sad time, and made the sadness go away.” I hope that I’ve spared him sadness. My own sadness continues, of course, but life is definitely brighter than it otherwise would be if he hadn’t been in my life over these past six months. As I said last year, magic powers, indeed.

Happy Thirteenth Birthday, Jake!

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