Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Jake is TEN!

It’s hard to believe, but Jake turned ten years old today. He’s much the same as he’s always been, slightly more slow moving than he was years ago, but he still gets as excited about the same things he always has. That’s kind of comforting.

He’s as affectionate as he’s ever been, including being pleased—deliriously happy, even—when we come back home. He enjoys cuddles with us, and he always sleeps on the bed at night. He likes being close to us.

And yet, there are some differences. He can get a bit grumpy when confronted with young children or young dogs, both of which are a bit too “manic” for him. He likes things to be more quiet and slow moving.

His sister Sunny loves being with him, and his cat sister Bella—well, she more or less tolerates him. The feeling’s mutual, actually. But they do all three make for a happy home.

This year especially I also thought of his blood brother, Doyle, who would have been ten years old today, too. He lost his health battle back in 2013, though I didn’t find out about it until months later. The brothers were never reunited after their adoption, and I still wish they had been—even though I know it almost certainly wouldn’t have meant as much to them as it would have to us.

Today, every time I went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, or lunch, or whatever, Jake was lying in his favourite chair, but always looked up as I entered the room. He always watches a lot of what I do.

I took the photo up top around lunchtime, with Jake lying in that favourite chair. The photo below was this morning, before he was actually up for the day. In both cases, he decided against posing for photos, as usual.

So, Jake is still the same loving boy he’s always been, and is still a joy to share life with. He’s made our lives so much better. He came to live with us at a sad time, and made the sadness go away. He still makes us very happy. He has magic powers, it turns out.

Happy Tenth Birthday, Jake!

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rogerogreen said...

happy natal day, Jake!