Thursday, April 04, 2019

Jake is 12

It’s Jake’s birthday again, and another chance to celebrate. We don’t need a reason to celebrate him, of course, but this year, after the recent loss of Bella, the celebration was especially welcome. Jake just enjoyed the extra attention.

When one of the animals has a birthday, we usually give them some special food, one of the tins of premium dog food we have as part of our emergency kit (in this way we use them before they expire, then replace them with new cans). The dogs don’t know why they’re getting what is to them a treat, but what’s actually the same good nutrition as their normal food, but they’re excited by it all the same. After they finish, they all spend quite a while licking their mouths and rubbing their faces on the carpet.

And that’s really the closest they ever get to a human-like emotion on their birthday. Sure, we know they’re just happy about the special food and also the extra attention, and that they don’t know about birthdays. But seeing them happy is a good thing all by itself, even if we’re the only ones who know why they’re getting special treatment.

Last year, I talked about giving the dogs fish oil, and all three get it. I haven’t noticed any big difference in Sunny or Leo, though Leo’s fur is softer than it was before I started giving him fish oil (there was an area of his fur that had been dry). Obviously, talk to a health professional for advice and guidance, as we did, before giving an animal fish oil.

Also, as much as the fish oil seems to help, Jake is getting older. His fur is greying, especially on his ears, and he’s moving a bit slower, and sometimes he has trouble jumping up onto something high, like the bed. Despite that, he’s still a happy and active boy, which is the important thing.

Two years ago, my post summed things up in a way that’s still every bit as true:
So, Jake is still the same loving boy he’s always been, and is still a joy to share life with. He’s made our lives so much better. He came to live with us at a sad time, and made the sadness go away. He still makes us very happy. He has magic powers, it turns out.
And, what I said last year is also still true: Magic powers, indeed.

Happy Twelfth Birthday, Jake!

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rogerogreen said...

In dog years, older than you. Heck, older than ME!

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

I think that's… comforting? But maybe only because my own age has been on my mind so much lately.