Thursday, April 04, 2013

Jake is 6

Today is our puppy Jake’s Sixth Birthday—where HAS the time gone?! I snapped the photo above early this morning, at an hour that didn’t exactly impress Jake. Before that, I also took photos of both him and Sunny with my phone, but by the time I got back with the real camera, Sunny had apparently had enough. Or, maybe she decided to let her brother have the birthday spotlight. Yes, I’m sure that’s it.

Actually, in that photo you can just make out how the fur around his mouth turns sort of reddish in the summer, when he’s outside more. You can also see the barest glimpse of an eye. Trust me, he does have eyes.

I said last year…
I know that animals are oblivious to birthdays as such, but they do notice when their people make a fuss over then and give them lots of attention, as we did—of course we did: Jake may have cat and dog sisters now, but he’s still our special boy, who came to live with us at a very sad time and then changed everything.
That’s still as true as ever.

Today is also the birthday of Jake’s blood brother, Doyle. Jake’s adopted sister Sunny’s birthday is in three months, and his other adopted sister Bella’s birthday is three months after that. Whether they take any notice of them is beside the point.

I’m too busy with work commitments to blog right now, but nothing will stop me from acknowledging a furbaby’s birthday—priorities!

Happy Birthday, Jake!

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Roger Green said...

Seriously - I thought it was a wig of some sort