Monday, April 22, 2013

Language of love

Social networks are an amazing thing. I find all sorts of blog topics through them, and this video is no different. My good friend Stephen Fry* Tweeted a link to this video, and when I watched it, I was amazed.

The video, “The Language of Love”, features 17-year-old Charlie struggling to find the words to be true to himself and his best friend. It was written and performed by Kim Ho, under the guidance of Australian playwright Tommy Murphy, and was directed by Laura Scrivano as part of the Voices Project from the Australian Theatre for Young People. I think it’s really powerful.

As I’ve said several times before, I like spoken word performance, whether a monologue, performance piece, dramatic poetry—I think there’s something magical about words performed by the human voice. As a podcaster, that probably figures. But this video is also notable for the writing and acting, which make it even more appealing.

They’ve also posted a “making of” video to go along with this video. It’s also worth checking out. The original version, “Transcendence” (which became “Language of Love”) is also online.

I love social networks. I find all kinds of amazing things through them. This video is just the latest.

*I am, of course, joking. Stephen Fry is the biggest celebrity to follow me back on Twitter (I’m one of 51,621 people he follows, and one of 5,713,561 people who follow him), but I’m quite sure he has no idea who I am and never sees my Tweets. Still, the fact that he does follow me does make me smile.

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