Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jake’s Birthday 2-day

Today is Jake’s second birthday! It hardly seems possible it could have rolled around so quickly, and yet it also seems like he’s been with us forever. I said way back in 2007, when Jake first came to live with us, that I’d “never seen a puppy so seemingly happy to be in a new home.” That happiness has never worn off, and he’s as happy and friendly now as when he only eleven weeks old (below).

Today Jake got lots of extra cuddles (including the one below with Nigel) and a few extra treats. Obviously he has no idea what a birthday is, but he clearly enjoyed the attention.

He is unlike any other dog I’ve shared my life with, filling the entire house with his presence and his constant happiness. He came into our lives in a dark time, and brightened everything up again. He still does.

Happy birthday, Jake—we’re so happy you came to live us!

Update 05/04/09:
Jake's real brother Doyle (pictured below) had a big day, too!


RambleRedhead said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

I will be two as well coming up in November. My two daddies Ramble Redhead and Joe love me so much and took me to the vet the other day.

They gave me some shots and that totally sucked but you know you do what you have to do!

Glad you have two daddies who love yo too!


d said...

Happy Birthday you cutie!!

Jake the Dog said...

Thank you! I had no idea there were people all over the world who would wish me a happy birthday! That's woof-tacular!

Starbuck, I hope your daddies gave you a treat when you got home. My dads always give me treats like that, but I've trained them pretty well.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!