Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The running joke

The far right in America have been providing plenty of unintentional laughter lately as they flounder about looking for a reason to exist. Apparently, desperately trying to ignore their loss in the last election has unleashed their funny side, or maybe we can just see it now that they’re out of power. I think maybe we should pay them to be national comedy writers, because they sure are funny:

A christianist group created a really bad anti-gay commercial to fight against marriage equality. It was so bad that it was almost self-parody and led, inevitably, to countless more parodies (two of which are below). The group also launched a hate campaign they called “2M4M”, after apparently being unable to figure out how to use Google.

Funnier still were all those people wanting to “teabag DC!” or “teabag Obama!”. Their inability to figure out how to use Google led to inevitable snickering and off-colour jokes. My favourite joke was delivered by MSNBC Countdown guest host, David Shuster, on the April 13 broadcast. After pointing out how in addition to Faux News, old-time Republicans were pushing the “tea bagging,” people like former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former US House Majority Leader Dick Armey and far right Republican financiers. Said Shuster: “If you’re planning simultaneous teabagging all around the country, you’re going to need a Dick Armey.”

And now, CNN quotes another source of mirth, Republican National Committee “Chairman” Michael Steele. Denying that the Republicans have devolved into bickering, ineffective factions, he said the party had "bottomed and we hope that's the case… But, whether or not you've bottomed or not, you better have something to say to the American people.”

Those who vaguely remember what the Republican Party used to be like, before the term “Moderate Republican” became not just an oxymoron but also an historic footnote, will be wishing that someone would teach the frothing right who now run the party how to use Google. Those of us opposed to the radical christianist agenda of the Republican Party will hope they don’t: The Republicans are far more entertaining now than they’ve been in years.

This low-budget parody of the christianist ad is one of the best yet:

And here’s another parody, A Gaythering Storm, featuring Jane Lynch, Alicia Silverstone, Lance Bass, George Takei, Liz Feldman, Jason Lewis, Sarah Chalke, and Sophia Bush.

I originally saw the videos and the Michael Steele quote over at Joe.My.God, my daily read. I listen to MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann as a podcast.

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