Monday, April 06, 2009

One Thousand Posts

This is my one thousandth post on this blog; it took two and a half years to get to this point. I have to wonder, what have we been discussing?

The background in the graphic above is a list of the 500 words used the most in the English language. I have no idea how many of them appear in any of these 1,000 posts (not counting the graphic, obviously), and I don’t really care. I just thought it was a good way to illustrate the idea of 1,000 posts, most filled with words.

So, what should we discuss in the next 1,000 posts? Thanks for reading!


Roger Owen Green said...

Well, you spent the last 1000 talking about you. Obviously, you should spend the next 1000 talking about ME! ;_)


Nik said...

Well done, sir! I hit the same milestone myself just a week ago - feels good, don't it?

Arthur Schenck said...

Roger: A great suggestion that I'll certainly consider.

Nik: Thanks! And congrats right back atcha! It does feel good. I hope, though, that this blog doesn't end up being my magnum opus or my life's work!

RambleRedhead said...

Congrats on the post 1000!

You are so amazing and you do such a great job!



Mark from Slap said...

Congratulations, Arthur! Here's to another twenty-eight million, six hundred thousand, two hundred and forty three.