Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Iowa puts the heart in ‘Heartland’

The right wing in Iowa wanted to move an amendment to the Iowa Constitution to undo the state’s recent Supreme Court ruling establishing marriage equality. Such and amendment has to be passed by two consecutive state legislatures before being submitted to voters. Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, in the video above, is blocking the amendment. Assuming he continues to block it in next year’s session, an amendment to end marriage equality couldn’t appear on the Iowa ballot before 2014, by which time Iowa voters—like most of America—will have moved on.

This speech is special because it is both simple and profound—the simple declaration of truth from a Midwestern politician that most of us have probably never heard of before. He expresses a few facts that the right wing is too obtuse to understand. In any event, Iowa and Senator Gronstal have helped to give new meaning to the Midwest’s other nickname, “America’s Heartland”.

Video via Joe.My.God.

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