Friday, April 17, 2020

A good and weird day

Several things happened today, despite my cold laying me low. One thing was good, and another—well, it was weird.

As I said earlier today, I received my order of stuff for the furbabies this, and that included a new bed for Leo, to replace the temporary one I made for him. The bed is a smaller version of the bed he has out in the lounge (and he’s been in it for several photos over the years) because the available space next to my bed is too small for the same size. In the photo above, Leo was trying out his new bed and, as I said on my personal Facebook, “he appears to approve”. Yeah, about that…

I put the bed I made for him in another part of the bedroom so he wouldn’t feel I was taking something away from him. When I went into the bedroom earlier this evening (maybe three hours ago), he was sleeping on his old bed, not the new one. When I went back an hour or so later, he was under the people bed (I call it “the Leo cave” because he’s often there). When I went in just now, he was back in his new bad. So maybe he does like it?

That was the good part of the day. Then, things got weird.

This evening I was watching TVNZ’s Seven Sharp and they were talking to “celebrity chef” Josh Emett who’s been doing cooking lessons on his Instagram account. Apparently, his Karaage Chicken (Japanese fried chicken) has been a popular post, and that’s what got my attention.

So, I logged into Instagram, and, as usual, there were notifications, and I checked them first, as I always do. The top person it suggested I follow was Nigel, who, Insta told me, followed one person and I was curious who that was (I knew it wasn’t me). I clicked on Nigel’s name, then who he followed, and that one person was—yep—Josh Emett.

Now, I know Facebook (which owns Instagram) listens to what’s going on around you and your phone, so it could be as simple as that (or mere coincidence, if you prefer). But the coincidence of seeing Nigel’s name and that the only person he was following was the very same person I went to Insta to follow was, to say the very least, really, really weird.

Remember what I was saying about unexpected reminders? This is pretty much the best possible example. But at least it made it easy for me to follow Josh.

And that was my good and weird day. I hope tomorrow is all good, including how I feel.

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