Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Small projects

I have a lot of projects to help keep me busy during the lockdown, including several I haven’t been rushing to do so that I don’t run out too quickly. And then there are the small projects I add on, too. Like this one.

I posted the photo above to my personal Facebook on Sunday, saying “Apparently, when this is over, I’ll need to buy Leo a dog bed for the bedroom.” I added in a comment:
He’s sleeping on my shirt from yesterday and t-shirt from last night. I am NOT in the habit of leaving my clothes on the floor! Well, unless a furbaby’s sleeping on it, of course.
Since I’d be picking up my shirts to wash them, that would leave Leo with no “bed” in the bedroom, apart from the one we all share, of course. So here’s what I came up with:

I posted that to my personal Facebook last night, and added this:
Day 6 Achievement: I made Leo a temporary dog bed in the bedroom using a cushion for an outdoor chair, an old mattress protector (folded in half lengthwise and wrapped around the cushion), and an extra big dog towel on top of it all. I rolled the mattress protector and the towel together to make a raised area at the back because Leo likes sleeping up against things (including me…), and because sometimes he likes a pillow.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have mentioned all this if I hadn’t seen him in his new “bed” (pictured) as I was going to mine. Or, if he hadn’t used it at all. As it happens, he’s been sleeping on it most of the evening (he goes to bed much earlier than the rest of us).

Clearly, I’m mad about my furbabies, but they keep me from going mad during this lockdown, so it’s a fair trade
This was a small project for a small guy, and he clearly loved it: He’s been using his temporary “bed” a lot since then, including much of this morning. When this is all over, I really will get him an actual dog bed for the bedroom, in addition to the larger one he has out in the lounge.

And that was one small project that I completed yesterday. I still have a few more small projects (in addition to more unpacking), but this one at least was appreciated by someone other than myself.

Neither Jake nor Sunny have shown interest in dog beds—or sleeping on my shirts.

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