Monday, May 30, 2016

Update time again

When I started doing dedicated update posts in September of last year (more formally in October), I knew they’d be occasional—probably every other month, I thought. But it was four months until the second one, and now it’s been a little over three months. Well, I guess that’s still occasional.

Colour tests

Earlier this month, I wrote about using ControlGX to wash that grey right out of my hair. Since then, I’ve experimented to see how it works, and how often I need to use it. The dye stays in my head hair quite well, so a re-shampoo maybe every ten days will take care of it for now. For my whiskers, however, it’ll need to be more often, maybe twice a week (because whisker hairs are harder to dye).

Since that post I’ve also had a chance to find out how it works (it’s a form of dye, which makes sense), and I found out they said most men will probably use it three times a week. So, my experience so far seems to be better than their average.

Once I’m settled on the frequency of use, I’ll do a post with photos. But I’m not quite at that point yet. As it happens, this first update also relates to something I talked about in the last update, back in February (second item).

Still searching

In March of last year, I wrote “Organising from my past”, about how I looked at my old organising methods to see if I might be able to adapt them to meet my needs now. I still haven’t done that, but I have done other things.

For starters, I’ve become pretty good about deleting emails that I know I won’t ever refer to again pretty much as soon as they come in. I could do more of that, but, even so, it’s a been really helpful way to pare down clutter, even if it’s only electronic.

Speaking of electronic, since that post I’ve also resumed using Wunderlist to keep track of our shopping list. It’s shared with Nigel, so he can add something to the list whenever he thinks of it, since we can both access the program from our phones, our iPads, and our desktop computers. I sometimes also use it for a to do list, but not very consistently.

I’ve also started using Apple’s built-in program Notes to keep track of things. I’d tried Evernote, but found it complicated, and To Doist, which was okay. However, for both programs, many useful features are available only on the paid App, which is fair enough, but Notes includes the features I probably need the most, and it’s available across all my devices without having to set up yet another online account.

Even so, I’m still probably going to go back to paper for some things.


Last week I wrote about coming down with another cold. The cold lifted this past weekend, and I’m pretty much back to normal, so called. I made that update on my personal Facebook, so I thought I should make it here, too. Actually, this update is mainly so I can remember how long the cold lasted.

•  •  •

That's it for this update. Maybe the next one will be sooner—or, not…

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