Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Two clowns left

Well, well, well: Only two clowns are left in the Republican Presidential Campaign Circus. Today, after losing yet another primary, the religious extremist dominionist theocrat, the Canadian born US Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz ended his losing presidential campaign. Good riddance to putrid rubbish.

But, the clowns left in the circus are no better.

One of the worst things about the Republican campaign this year was how truly awful ALL the candidates were: There wasn’t a single centrist among them. Instead, they were all extremists or pandering to those who are. Every single candidate was opposed to marriage equality, with most promising to overturn the Supreme Court decision legalising it. All but one (George “Who?” Pataki) were ardently opposed to choice in abortion, with most pledging to outlaw it and some even promising to make seeking an abortion a crime.

The Republican field this time was truly awful.

And now there are only two left: John Kasich and Donald Drumpf. Kasich is every bit as much a rightwing religious politician as Cruz and most of the others, but he does a much better job of hiding that behind spin and marketing.

Drumpf is, at the very least, a crypto-fascist—the jury is still out on whether he’s an actual fascist or just a self-promoting buffoon who plays like a fascist to win votes. Either way, he’s dangerous because he’ll say—and apparently do—anything to get and keep power. He’s already made the USA a joke around the world, but if he were to win in November, the consequences could be no laughing matter.

It’s good to see Cruz finally slither back down the sewer—or was that turn into a bat and fly away? One gets confused. At any rate, he ran a campaign as divisive and full of bigotry as Drumpf, but he did it using softer language, and then denying to the media he’d promoted bigotry. He thought that naming Carly Fiorina as his “running mate” would (somehow!) help him, but one of the worst CEOs in US corporate history brought no one to him, and only succeeded in making herself look as if nothing mattered to her but her own personal ambition. Or, as comedian and satirist Andy Borowitz put it on Facebook:
BREAKING: Fiorina Sets Personal Speed Record for Destroying Organization…
Cruz will now go back the US Senate, where no one can stand him, and bide his time until the voters in Texas toss him out of office. Which means he may be even more insufferable and arrogant for the next two years than he was in his first four. Still, tick, tick, tick—his time in office is running out.

As for the certain nominee of the Republican Party, I’ll have more to say about that trainwreck another time. Right now, I’m just glad the USA doesn’t have to worry about a dominionist theocrat being president.

See ya, Cruz: Don’t get an elbow in the face on the way out! (What? Too soon?)

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