Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Here I go again

I have a cold. Or, something. All I know for sure is that I feel yucky. I should have seen it coming.

Sunday night, I slept some nine hours—nearly ten—which is unusual in itself. But when I did wake up, I struggled to become fully awake, and the rest of the day I had a real lack of energy.

Last night, it was nearly nine hours, with the same slow start and lack of energy, only my low energy levels were even worse. And then it changed.

Sometime late this afternoon, I was aware that my throat felt hot, and I was starting to feel cold-like. By evening, I was coughing and my thoat was becoming sore. And now, it seems, I’m starting to sneeze, too. Great!

Nigel started this affliction yesterday, so I’m tracking about a day behind. I think we were both exposed to a virus over the weekend, and mine just took a little longer to incubate.

In addition to the unexplained tiredness, this would also seem to be why I couldn’t quite concentrate well enough to successfully write the blog posts I wanted to do yesterday or today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

If the words still won’t flow tomorrow, maybe I can at least do research for ones I want to do. And, there are always videos I’d to share…


The photo up top is my own, and I first used it last year, when I also had a cold.

Update: There's an update to this post (third item).

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rogerogreen said...

Some chicken soup, boychik.