Sunday, May 01, 2016

2016 WH Correspondents’ Dinner

The video above is C-SPAN’s coverage of President Obama’s final appearance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. As usual, he did a good job delivering the jokes, often with dry humour. He had some zingers directed at various targets all over the map, which means something to get under the skin of most people (and, politicians have thinner skins than most people).

There are some jokes that were especially good, and the “Couch Commander” video was good, too, but I won’t say any more about them so as not to spoil anything, apart from I did love “Obama out.” For those with a short attention span, the video at the bottom of this post from the AP has some of the president’s “zings”.

The official White House video of the president’s remarks don’t show the visuals the audience saw and reacted to, which is why I chose the video above, even though it’s lower in quality. In addition to that one, C-SPAN has posted many videos from the night.

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rogerogreen said...

I was out Saturday night. I could have recorded C-SPAN, but that was FIVE hours on the DVR. So I taped MSNBC, who had a bunch of talking heads from 9 pm (ET) until the President started speaking, and in fact talked OVER his first line or two! Did the same thing with Larry Wilmore. I was yelling to my TV: "SHUT UP, people!"