Sunday, October 02, 2011

Weekend Diversion: Boy George ‘Turn 2 Dust’

This week’s Weekend Diversion is the official video for Boy George’s “Turn 2 Dust”, released in advance of a second album of remixes of the song, due out in November. The first volume of remixes was released in NZ September 5, and another version was originally on the album Ordinary Alien (The Kinky Roland Files), released in Northern Hemisphere autumn 2010 (but apparently only available in NZ since last January.) Neither of the albums released so far has the version of the song in this video, so maybe that means it’s on the new remix album.

By the time I got through my first listening, I liked the song (who can’t like a lyric that says “all hatred must turn to dust”?). I also like how in the background of the video the word “FREAK” appears. Nice touch, and typical of him confronting those who condemn him.

I haven’t been keeping up with Boy George much in recent years as he went through his, um, difficulties. That wasn’t why I wasn’t paying attention, but it didn’t help. He’s been busy DJ-ing, writing books and recording some music, too. Culture Club is celebrating its 30th anniversary (thirty years?!) and apparently they’ll have a new album next year.

In any case, the March of the 80s musicians continues, which is, of course, just fine with me. And, I have to admit, I’m pleased to see that one of us old fellas (50+) can still be part of pop culture, and pop music in particular, creating new works. Personally, I prefer to see older artists doing that, contributing new works, and not just performing in nostalgia tours, though there’s certainly a place for both.

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