Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Party for extremist losers?

In this video, radical right extremist and TV preacher Pat Robertson says the Republicans are being too extreme and are really playing “the game for losers”. When wingnuts like Robertson think you’re being too extreme, you absolutely are.

However, it seems to me that if Republican candidates have to hide their true beliefs in order to win the general election, it means their views really are too extreme for mainstream voters. Also, wouldn’t hiding those true beliefs—lying about them, in essence—be even worse than holding views mainstream voters reject? Doesn’t this all mean that Pat is really advocating that Republican candidates lie in order to get elected? If so, that’s one of the most despicable things he’s ever done, and that’s saying something, with so much history to choose from.

Still, it’s kind of entertaining watching the Republicans tear each other up, first trying to be more of a far-right conservative than the other guy, and now, being accused by one extremist of not hiding their extremism enough. Good times.

And yet, we also know that the US political system is being increasingly stacked in the Republicans’ favour. When corporations can spend unlimited money on behalf of Republican candidates, then surely they can convince voters to ignore the party’s extremism. Or, is there still some measure of democracy left in the US?

In a little over a year, we’ll know who the losers really are.


Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, lying often works. it's stated as 'I've re-evaluated my position in light of new info'. That's why Romney can beat Obama, IF he gets the nod, but also why the GOP base distrusts him.

Arthur Schenck said...

Romney has two problems: First, he's a Mormon and the fundamentalist protestant base of the Republican Party hates (or, at best, distrusts) Mormonism and Mormons. His bigger problem is his image as a flip-flopper. Even the Republicans who aren't religious nutjobs don't like him because of this.

Add it all up, I don't see how he'll get the Republican nomination except maybe by simply outlasting the others, sort of a last man standing sort of thing. But even that's a longshot, in my opinion.