Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On second thought

Earlier today I wrote a post critical of Labour’s sport and recreation policy as it relates to schools. Even though I stand by my criticisms, I’ve deleted that post.

I realised, after extended Twitter discussions with two Labour candidates, that I wasn’t explaining myself or my position well enough or clearly enough. The post was more confusing than enlightening.

Moreover, this is hardly the most important issue in this election: I doubt anyone will vote for or against Labour because of it, certainly not me. There are far more important issues to concentrate on, ones on which the election may very well turn.

If Labour loses the election, my criticism will be irrelevant; if they win, the policy is, by their own admission, a couple years away. Clearly, it’s just not important right now.

So for all those reasons, but mostly because I was totally unhappy with the post, I’ve deleted it. I rarely do that, but I always reserve the right to do so for whatever reason, or none at all. This time, I had good reason, after second thoughts.

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