Sunday, October 09, 2011

Auckland View: Auckland Spring Evening

I’ve been extremely busy the past few days, and haven’t had time for proper blog posts (or podcasts…). This evening on our way home from taking our young nieces out for dinner, we stopped briefly at the water’s edge at Birkenhead Wharf (Birkenhead Point), so I decided to snap a quick photo using my phone. Tomorrow we’re going to the other side of the harbour, roughly where this shot is pointed. If the weather is good, I hope to take some photos from there. Somehow, I stopped posting photos from around Auckland, and I think it’s high time I resumed. Consider this one a teaser.

However, the weather forecast for tomorrow is rain, so, fingers crossed!

Unrelated: Today, in the way we write dates, is 09/10/11. I always like dates like that.

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Roger Owen Green said...

"Brian & Amelia Looby - she's a coworker - are super proud to announce the birth of their son, Charlie, at 12:51 PM, October 9th (only one day after his due date!). Everyone is doing great!"
AND I won the birth pool 9/10/11 12:13 - only off by 38 minutes!