Monday, October 03, 2011

Auckland’s future

Auckland is in the midst of drafting The Auckland Plan, which is meant to help chart a course for the future of this newly-merged city. The video above relates to that and, specifically, the goal of making Auckland “the world's most liveable city.”

Yes, that’s a big ask, but why not? If we shoot for the stars and fall short, we’ll still be higher than if we aim only for the clouds and fall short. And with some effort, vision, hard work, determination and a willingness to dream big, who’s to say the vision won’t be achieved?

This is the perfect time to be doing this. The Rugby World Cup is on, with all the good feelings and interest that’s created. Auckland is also still a newly-merged city, one that has yet to form a unified identity. This is also an election year for the country, which makes people think about the future.

All of which means that people are probably more inclined to think about the future of Auckland now than at any other time, and more likely to be able to see the ways we can make it better.

The video below, from earlier this year, talks about some of the challenges that The Auckland Plan is meant to help address, as well as some of the realities this city faces. Basically, it shows where the city is at, and the video above shows a vision of where the city could be.

What happens, ultimately, will come down to all of us. Our future really does depend on it.

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