Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Practice to deceive

The bigoted lying liars at the National Organization for Man-Lady Only Marriage have been caught lying—again. This time, it’s a visual lie in their propaganda.

The far rightwing religious-based anti-gay hate group has always used lies as part of their standard operating procedures in their political campaigns against marriage equality, so the fact that they’ve again been caught lying isn’t particularly new, but this time it is particularly hilarious. It also demonstrates their repudiation of truth and reality, and how reckless they are in their attempts to scam US voters.

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You demonstrated, first, how the bigots used a crowd shot from a massive 2008 Obama rally in St Louis, Missouri to imply they had a big crowd at a rally in New Hampshire when, in fact, they’re always extremely lucky to attract crowds in the tens—not thousands, just two digits. What makes their apparent theft of a Reuters photo to deceive people even funnier is that they didn’t even bother to crop out Obama.

Then Jeremy posted another example: A photo of a 2008 Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio, which was cropped to make it appear a huge crowd—not the tiny gathering it was in reality—was listening to the hate group’s leader, Brian Brownshirt. For this photo they at least covered up the dais.

Now this may seem insignificant, and it would be if not for one thing: It clearly demonstrates the hate group’s reckless disregard for the truth. If they’re willing to use the rallies of people who oppose the bigots’ agenda to try to fool American voters, then what else are they lying about? The short answer is, of course, pretty much everything.

The anti-gay industry relies so much on lies, smears and distortions because it’s all they have: The truth is not on their side, and neither is the American public, and they know both those facts. So they make up phoney polls to try and fool voters into thinking the bigots’ position is the majority when it isn’t, they make up things to use against GLBT people and they defame GLBT with strikingly un-Christian energy and delight. Is it any wonder they’d use photos to try and fool voters?

One could almost feel sorry for the bigots: They’re obviously so desperate that they result to unethical, unprincipled and un-Christian—actually, downright anti-Christian—behaviour. One could almost feel sorry for them if this hadn’t been their behaviour all along.

These radical right bigots and liars deserve all the vilification they’re receiving. They’ve certainly earned it through years of practice.

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