Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It’s Naptime

Time was, I wore out co-workers joking far too often that I was wondering where the company nap lounge was. I got over repeating the joke, but not the wish for the odd nap.

Well, the CBS Evening News reported that US companies are beginning to promote naps during working time. For example, according to CBS, 15 percent of 24-hour
US companies encourage naps (see the video here).

Putting aside jokes, like how some employers can’t tell now if employees are awake or not, I actually think the idea of work-time naps is a good idea. After all, as the report points out, many companies permit smoking breaks, so why not nap breaks?

Nevertheless, I don’t expect to be seeing nap lounges in mainstream companies anytime soon. It doesn’t really matter, though: I’ve long since developed new jokes.

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