Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Homophobic Snickers?

M&M Mars, the company that makes and markets the Snickers candy bar in America, has launched what can only be called a homophobic television ad campaign in America. You can read all about it on AmericaBlog (via The Gay Expat). AmericaBlog also has links to the Snickers website where you can see the ads and the campaign for yourself, as I did.

America’s Human Rights Campaign has called for the ad campaign to be cancelled, but for the moment, there’s been no official response from M&M Mars. A boycott of Snickers and other M&M Mars brands, which are also available in New Zealand, has not yet been called. Stay tuned.

Update: M&M Mars has pulled the homphobic Snickers ads from their website, according to John at AmericaBlog (you can read the AmericaBlog the post here). The Gay Expat, who again provided the link, says:

This situation isn’t over until we get an explanation, but the net-based pressure here produced a result. Every blogger, commenter, e-mailer and anyone else involved in this episode “flash activism” deserves both credit and thanks.

Thanks to everyone who helped pass the word on this.


Mark D. Snyder said...

Please sign our petition against this terrible campaign.

action jackson said...

get over it. it wasn't that bad, if anything it's making fun of homophobia. can't u find anything better to complain about? Get a job.