Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hero Parade is back

The Hero Parade, Auckland’s gay and lesbian nighttime parade, is probably going to return next year after several year's absence, the Herald on Sunday says. The parade stopped in 2001 after financial problems.

The new parade is expected to be sponsored by New Zealand-based vodka maker 42 Below, which is a strong supporter of gay events as part of their marketing toward the GLBT community (their support works: Every few years when I buy a bottle of vodka, 42 Below is the only brand I’ll buy. There you have my first-ever direct product endorsement, and without being paid for it—though I’m open to sponsorship …).

Since 2001, the other big event in the Hero Festival has been the Hero Party, a big dance party. This year’s Hero Party was last night. Big dance parties are definitely not my thing, and anyway, we had a family party to go to last night.

I hope the parade does return, because we used to enjoy going, as did a hundred thousand or so other people who turned out the watch the parade. It was always a fun and entertaining time.

More entertainment will play out over the coming months in the Letters to the Editor section of the New Zealand Herald. The parade intends to seek support from the Auckland City Council, so the right-whingers will be frothing in print and on talk-back radio. Some of the best comedy around comes from these people. They won’t be at the parade, however: It takes place way past their bedtime.

Still, most people love a parade, and we’re in the majority.

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