Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog bits

As I get ready to resume normal blogging, I wanted to take a moment to point out a couple things.


Always feel free to leave a comment, good, bad or indifferent. You can leave it anonymously and even I won’t know who left it. You can also make up a nickname, and you don’t have to have a blog or website (just leave that part on the comments form blank). Anything’s fair game; the only things I won’t permit are hate speech or defamatory remarks, but I doubt my readers would do that, anyway.

So, have a go! Agree with what I’ve said. Disagree with what I’ve said. Add more information. Correct my errors. Suggest a new topic. Like I said, anything goes.

Links and Subscriptions

I rearranged the links on the right side of the blog and grouped them so they make more sense (all the general New Zealand stuff is together, for example). I’ve also highlighted the podcasts I never miss because I highly recommend them.

Also new is the “Latest Posts” box at the top right of the blog. You can tell at a glance what my five most recent posts were. In that same box is “Subscribe Now” which allows you to subscribe anonymously to my FeedBurner feed. You have the option of adding a Live Bookmark (with Firefox browsers, at least), or you can read them in software specifically designed to read feeds (often called news aggregators or feed readers).

What this means is that every time I add a new post, it’ll show up in my feed. If you have Live Bookmarks, you can look to see if I’ve added anything new without actually coming to my blog. As with comments, I won’t know who has subscribed, just how many.

Anything else?

If there’s something I’m doing well, something that’s I'm not, something that I should be doing, something you’d like to see, something you want to see more or less of, or if you just want to say “hi”, feel free to leave a comment for this post.

Right, that’s done. Time to get working on some new posts.

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