Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekend Distraction

I was going to do a proper post today. Something meaningful, probably. I even started a couple different posts, but it’s a cool, grey day in Auckland and I just couldn’t focus properly

So, instead, I thought I'd introduce our “fur children” with these recent snaps. I meant to post them before now, but better late than never.

Our cat is called Curzon. He’s an Ocicat who’s just turned eight and is named after Cuzon Dax in
“Star Trek” because the breed has spots running down their spine and on their stomachs, much like the character he’s named after. He spends a lot of his day sleeping in different parts of the garden (as these photos demonstrate), or on the deck. At night, he cuddles up next to me.

Our dog is Saibh (rhymes with “five”), a soft-coated wheaten terrier who turns eight this year. In these photos she needs a clip, but was just bathed and brushed the day before. Her name is Irish Gaelic for “goodness” (or so the baby naming website told us). Our previous dog was named Bart after Bart Simpson, and he lived up to the name. We thought we’d play it safer this time.

Oh, and just to prove there’s no favouritism, I made sure each “fur child” got the same number of words in their mini-bios.

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