Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A few blog notes…

Blog Housekeeping

One of the last things I did at the end of the year was to go through old posts and fix their formatting (it had been messed up when I switch to New Blogger). That gave me the chance to add subject tags so similar subjects will be grouped together. I’m also trying to be better about limiting tags to just the ones explicitly relevant to the post.

Blog traffic

One of the best ways to get people to check out your blog is to post photos of naked people. Or, better still, photos of naked people doing their bidniss. I have nothing against either, personally. In fact, they can be rather nice. But this blog is about other things, so I don’t post such photos.

The next best thing, though, is to be linked to by someone who does post photos. Recently a fellow blogger in Melbourne, YarravillePaul, added me to his “Gay Blogs” links. It has become the biggest single source of non-accidental new visitors to my blog ("
non-accidental new visitors" are people who click a link to get here for the first time). Mind you, many of them don't stick around (were they looking for photos?), but others have a bit of a read. So, thanks, Paul. I’ve added a link in my blog listing at right (for those of you who don’t know, the designation NSFW means “not safe for work”, so it’s probably not a good idea to access the blog from a work computer). The blog is pretty interesting and I'll certainly keep reading it—from home, though…

Happy Expataversary to
Lost in France

No mention of blogging would be complete without acknowledging a significant event for my fellow blogger
Lost in France at Cyberfrance. Today is the anniversary of his arrival in France, and the beginning of his being an Expat. The phrase “expataversary” was coined, as far as I know, by another gay American expat, Jeffrey (The Gay Expat), who also lives in France.

Lost in France writes a great blog about life in France and Toulouse in particular, being a gay American expat, and a variety of other things. The posts are always written in a friendly voice that stands in contrast to some of the harsher posts out there (including on this blog, it must be said). I highly recommend it.

So Happy Expataversary,
Lost in France!

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