Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Meta For Us

This will only interest other bloggers, and probably not many of them. Nevertheless…

Tags are it

A few posts back, I included a footnote saying that as an experiment I was creating a new tag for my posts, “expat / expatriate”. Previously, I’d had two separate tags, which meant listing the same post under two different tags—different, but essentially the same. I wanted the posts to show up whether someone was searching for “expat” or “expatriate”.

And so my experiment.

I wanted to know if a joined tag would still show up in Technorati searches for just the one word. When I found they did, I also created a new tag called “gay expat / gay expatriate”. Then I went back through all my old posts and changed the tags to the new ones (and, in some cases, re-thought how the posts were tagged in the first place). It was boring, to be honest, so that process took a few days.

I’m trying to limit using tags to ones that are most directly relevant to my post, though I still get carried away sometimes. Like a lot of bloggers, I get visitors who land here through some sort of totally irrelevant Google search. I’m trying to make it easier for people who use Technorati or similar tag searches to land on relevant posts in this blog.

And on the subject of Technorati, for some reason, not all blog posts that link to my blog show up in a Technorati search, even though they’re counted in the totals (I think). I have no idea why that is.

Blogger blues?

I’ve been reading on some blogs how some Blogger users are having a lot of trouble with uploading their posts or files. I’ve never had any trouble, apart from some times when there were other Internet problems having nothing to do with Blogger. I’d be curious to find out if any other Blogger users have had trouble uploading posts/files.


lost in france said...

Loads of trouble, and even a lost post or two ... but I am hopeful that the new Blogger (formerly known as Blogger Beta) will change this. Call me an optimist... ;-) and cross your fingers, puh-lease.

Arthur Schenck said...

Yes, you certainly have had trouble—more than your fair share! I notice that on your New Blogger some comments have been changed to having been made by "Anonymous" instead of the person who made them. Very strange. I'm beginning to think that maybe I've just been really, really lucky and had far less trouble than most users.