Friday, January 12, 2007

Nice Country

I actually don’t have that much I want to say about my short trip. It was to the Rotorua region, a place my partner and I visited recently when Jason was here. Rotorua is a geothermal wonderland, but this time we were staying away form the city itself in the lakes area.

The weather was crap most of the time we were there—rainy, overcast and humid. Naturally, the weather improved when we left. Oh, well. We had a trip into Rotorua, where we visited the Rotorua Museum (which I last visited with Jason), had lunch and picked up a few things.

The weather meant we spent time inside, where the family tried to teach me euchre, a game I never really got the hang of. We also played Pictionary, which I did somewhat better at.

The photo above was about the best I could do, taken during a brief break in the weather. The water is part of one of the lakes, but it also shows how heavily bush-clad this region is.

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