Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hot and cold

Some hours after my previous post ("I was right but I was wrong"), a group called the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition was reported as saying that NIWA reporting New Zealand’s cold December proves there's no climate change here:

This bears out what the coalition said in July 2006 in its open letter to members of the New Zealand Parliament, when we pointed out that Niwa's own data showed little evidence of warming, and no evidence that humans are affecting the temperature.

The Coalition is in clearly in the minority on this one, and, anyway, why would they assume that regional variation would mean there's no global warming? Doesn’t sound very scientific to me.

As it happens, Britain's Meteorological Office released a report saying that 2007 is likely to be the warmest ever recorded, warmer than the previous warmest, 1998. 2006 was the sixth warmest.

We’ve had record ice break-up at both the Arctic and Antarctic. Antarctic icebergs floated very close to the South Island for the first time in many years. In the Arctic, polar bears are threatened as sea pack ice disappears.

Clearly something’s going on. Pity the Coalition seems incapable of seeing that. Good thing the people with power—including both Labour and National—don’t pay any attention to them.

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