Monday, November 27, 2023

Let the annual inquisition begin

Another year, another go at what’s now a more than decade long series of blog posts. Back in 2012, I began an end-of-year series of “Ask Arthur” posts (skipping 2019, of course), and now it’s time for the 2023 version. Or not—it’s entirely up to others. As I put it in last year’s series introduction post:

The “Ask Arthur” series of posts is a chance for people to ask me nearly anything, and I try to answer whatever I’m asked. I’ve never had a question about a topic that was “off limits”, however, I’ve always said that if I couldn’t answer a question for any reason, I’d say so. It turned out that I've never had a question that I wouldn’t answer. It also turned out that I haven’t yet met a topic I don’t have an opinion on. Who’d have guessed that?

Yes, who could or would have guessed that there doesn’t seem to be any topics on which I don’t have an opinion? Over the years, questions have been about me, my personal history, about life in New Zealand—mine or in general—about being an expat, and what I think about various topics or events in the news. The possibilities seem to be endless.

To ask questions, simply leave a comment on this post (anonymous comments are allowed). Or, you can email me your question (and you can even tell me to keep your name secret, although, why not pick a nom du question?). You can also ask questions on the AmeriNZ Facebook page, though keep in mind that all Facebook Pages are public, just like this blog. To avoid being public there, you can send me a private message through the AmeriNZ Facebook Page.

Finally, as I always note, this idea is stolen from inspired by Roger Green’s “Ask Roger Anything” (“ARA”) posts. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of thievery flattery. Or, something like that. In fact, Roger’s already passed on a couple topics I haven’t gotten to yet, so they’re my backup plan in case there are no questions this year—I mean, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

So, over to you: Ask your question whatever way works best for you, and I’ll do my best to answer.

All posts in this series will be tagged “AAA-23”. All previous posts from every “Ask Arthur” series are tagged, appropriately enough, ”Ask Arthur”.


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Roger Owen Green said...

How difficult would it be for American to achieve resident status in 2023 cf with what you had to do c 1995? How about citizenship, compring it with your process?

Roger Owen Green said...

Here are a few softballs for you about the US 2024 election cycle:
Who will be the Republican presidential candidate? Who should be?
Who will be the Democratic presidential candidate? Who should be?
Will djt have a lock on the GOP nom after Super Tuesday in early March?
Will there be a viable third-party candidate, and will Joe Manchin be on the ticket?
While we're at it, who will win the House and Senate?
Finally, if djt is elected, are we doomed?

That's it. Easy-peasy!

Roger Owen Green said...

Suppose you are an American university president testifying before Congress, answering questions about antisemitism. How would you answer the committee's questions?

Anonymous said...

How do I learn to say no? All my life I have tried to live my life helping others. As I approach my mid sixties, I have found myself embroiled in so many people's problems, that I am overwhelmed beyond belief. I'm so deeply involved that I let my needs and sometimes my immediate family needs go, to help someone else. I want to help, but I'm exhausted. I don't want to "not help"... because that changes who I am. But I'm being taken advantage of, and I see no way out, without becoming someone I'm not. Just say no, doesn't work for me.
I know this is more of a Dear Abby question, but you are one of the most reasonable people I know, and I trust you to give an intelligent, concrete answer. P.S. these are dear loved ones, I'm dealing with.