Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The AmeriNZ Podcast is now sixteen

Today the AmeriNZ Podcast turns 16, a number of no particular importance, but given the obstacles and challenges that have repeatedly nearly killed off both the podcast and this blog, I think achieving another anniversary is worth—well, maybe not celebrating: Observing, is probably a better word. Despite its survival against the odds, I have some mixed feelings about the podcast (and this blog), precisely because of all that’s happened over the past decade.

Some people may naturally wonder why I bother at all if I have mixed feelings. I actually answered that in my post last year on the podcast’s 15th anniversary:
…I found out that it’s useful to have [my blog and podcast] as I explore this new universe I now live in. An explorer needs a journal to record their discoveries, and my blog and podcast have become that for me—an explorer’s journal. Apparently some others occasionally find them useful, too.
My journey is nowhere near completed, as far as I know, and there are more discoveries to make—or, maybe, to rediscover, because my explorer's journal helps me remember things I’ve forgotten, too. I know that neither I nor my blog nor my podcast will be around forever, but why not enjoy the ride until then?

Later today I’ll post a link the latest episode of my podcast, where’s I’ll talk a bit about its future and my plans. Later on, I’ll also publish a blog post where I’ll summarise that. At the moment, though, I just want to take a well-deserved (in my opinion…) deep sigh accompanied by a satisfied smile at managing to complete sixteen years of podcasting.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Congratulations, young man. I'll be listening soon, as always.

Not to stress you out, but I miss your observations about politics on 2political. And there's a lot of guano to note. Libraries, reproductive rights, and drag shows (!) under siege. So next AAA, that's what I'll ask.

And, of course, it's not just the USA. Hungary. Macron's unilateral change in the pension plan, Bibi's attempt to change Israel's judiciary (not for the better)...