Friday, March 31, 2023

Not accidental

Maybe something was sparked, maybe it’s mere coincidence, or it could just be a logical development. Whatever the reason, progress has been made in my office. I’ll take it.

I removed three boxes from my office starting Saturday, as I said a few days ago. I dealt with the first one that day, then early this week I cleared out a box that I thought was art supplies (because I saw paint brushes in it), but it turned out to be the contents of my desk drawers, from the rolling unit I had to fix.

The rest of the week was spent going through loose papers and such, sorting and organising them, then filing the (very) few things I need to keep. I still have a few things on the dining table I need to finalise, but it’s the homestretch.

Which isn’t to suggest my office looks neat and tidy—far from it. Anyone seeing it for the first time today would think it’s a total tip, mainly because it is. That’s not going to change—yet.

The problem I have is that my office is the smallest I’ve had since early 2006, and because it has to store everything I need for my various projects—writing, podcasting, photography, maybe even video—and whatever else I come up with. That’s not all there is to it, and it never has been.

The truth—something I realised only last year—is that I’ve never been neat and tidy, and that Nigel and I were as bad as each other. In fact, none of our houses was ever “finished”. So, it may well be something of a miracle if my office (etc…) is ever truly tidy.

And yet: Getting things tidier is my goal, perfection is not. My office (etc…) may never be “Insta worthy”, but—maybe it will be? At least, somewhat?

This whole thing started this past Weekend, and it’s proven yet again that one step at a time really does make progress happen. Just like life, I’m told. We’ll see.

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Roger Owen Green said...

My office is messier than yours. So THERE!
And it was sometimes okay. It has become a repository for things that must go to the attic.