Sunday, March 26, 2023

There’s progress behind the scenes

Yesterday I accidentally emptied a box stored in my office. I knew it had been there for awhile—I put it there, of course—but for some weird reason, my brain picked that day to fixate on it. So, I hauled it out to the lounge, opened it, and, well, not quite sure why that stuff ended up in a box (I repacked it in this house at some point). It’s dealt with now, the box is broken down, and that’s one less box contributing to the chaos that is my office. Baby steps, sure, but the clearing of a thousand boxes begins with a single one. Or, something like that.

I haven’t said anything about it, but the recent dryer repairs ended up helping me clear out my laundry area (and paths in the garage). Together, these things show there’s progress behind the scenes—but more about all that another time. Right now, I’m just happy that there’s one less box in my office.


Roger Owen Green said...

One box,pile, et al at a time!

Arthur Schenck said...

Indeed. And sometimes it's useful to fixate on a chore like that.