Monday, March 28, 2022

Fifteen years of the AmeriNZ Podcast

Fifteen years ago today, March 28, 2007, I posted the first episode of my AmeriNZ Podcast. Despite all the challenges over those years, it continues to this very day (literally—I’ll post an episode later today). I have no idea how much longer I’ll keep doing it, but when has that ever not been the case?

I began the podcast some six months after my blog, and both have chronicled my interests of the moment, things about New Zealand, and, especially, my life. All of that is completely different now than it was back then, and the changes to my life are so deep and profound that I can no longer promise more than one more podcast episode or one more blog post at a time.

On the other hand, I found out that it’s useful to have them as I explore this new universe I now live in. An explorer needs a journal to record their discoveries, and my blog and podcast have become that for me—an explorer’s journal. Apparently some others occasionally find them useful, too.

I doubt either my blog or podcast will still be going 15 years from now, and not only because I’ll be 78 (assuming I’m even still around, of course), but also—probably mostly—because no one knows what the world will be like then (assuming Vlad doesn’t end up killing is all, of course). After all, YouTube began less than two years before I started my audio podcast, and Apple added podcast support to iTunes (RIP) only a couple months after YouTube launched. YouTube has grown enormously, and podcasts have, well, changed.

Maybe in 2037 content will be beamed directly into our brains, or we’ll be living in a corporation-controlled “metaverse”. Or maybe we’ll be back to painting pictures of our lunch or foraging hauls onto cave walls—who knows?

The one thing I now truly understand that I didn’t actually “get” in 2007 is that nothing, good or bad, lasts forever. Each day I tell myself, don’t worry about a future we cannot see, and instead make every day as good as it can be, be kind, try to make the world we live in right now a better place, and then maybe that future will be pretty much okay when it arrives.

And, maybe, find a way to keep an explorer’s journal of some sort. I also now understand how much that helps, too.

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