Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A podcast is up

AmeriNZ #1:You gotta start some place

What was I thinking?

I posted my first podcast—or first episode of my podcast, as the case may be (we’ll see…). It was intended to be a test recording, which I made last week, but I decided to go ahead and post it anyway. That way, I couldn’t put off doing it any longer. It also had some stuff that I didn’t really want to re-record. So, there it is, in all its rough glory.

I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast since before I started this blog, but I decided to listen to several before giving it a go. All the podcasts listed at the right of my blog provided some inspiration, some directly. I’ll talk about that in another post.

In the meantime, this blog will remain largely as it has been, but it’ll also be the home for the show notes for podcasts and show comments. Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, whatever. I hope to post new episodes every 7 to 10 days, and they’ll always be announced here.

So, on with the show:

On this episode I talk about the Prime Minister’s trip to America, the thaw in NZ/US relations, life as an expat and having two countries to call home.


Kalv1n said...

I think this was a great first podcast. I think that you did very well, and you articluate your points quite cogently. Beyond that, I found it interesting to hear the slight accent on certain phrases, and I was quite honestly surprised that you haven't adopted more of it.

I'm so happy that you talk about the differences between countries. I was always shocked when missionaries would say that Germany was just like America and the people were exactly the same. I think there are very significant differences.

I also really enjoyed your discussion of feeling like you were connected but the increase in time that it seems to take to feel like you are truly a part of a country. I think there are so many shared assumptions in society that we tend to gloss over among ourselves.

I also think that it's interesting how global politics might change depending upon one's circumstances. I think that nationalism is a significant problem. I read a great book called Cosmopolitanism which talks about levels of values and whether we should be first giving our alliance to other humans instead of to the construct of a country.

Also interesting to hear a bit about NZ politics. I have to admit that when you talked about you and your partner, I started thinking about gay marriage, but I think that issues of imigration should be broader. Why should it be solely limited to spouses and families when our modern society encompasses so many different types of relationships. If it is just family relationships, why shouldn't you just be able to adopt your partner? Not that I agree with that, but I think it points out the silliness in the current laws as they presently stand and how marriage can be more of a false panacea than a real solution.

Anonymous said...

Arthur...great first podcast! I look forward to many more. The differences between our two countries was very interesting. I'd like hear more about gay life in NZ...how it might be different than here, etc. Also, Are you now a citizen of NZ or do you still have your American citizenship. Your discussion of life in NZ verses here raised so many questions for me. I really enjoyed it.

mike hipp said...

I enjoyed your first show. Your musings on how strange it was to see the two leaders meeting was quite good.

Good job

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks for your encouragement, guys--I appreciate it!

Kalvin: It's interesting how many times my accent had been coming up lately. I think I'll elaborate a bit on the whole language thing next episode. I agree with you about marriage, though for the US to recognise same-sex marriage for immigration would be something, at least.

Archer: I'll definitely be talking more about gay life in NZ, hopefully with guests even. I'm a dual national, meaning I'm a citizen of both the US and New Zealand, with two passports. Feel free to ask quesitons any time!

Mike: Thanks for the feedback--and for the summary on podcastsoup.net! As I said in today's post, your summaries have helped me find several podcasts to listen to, so I really appreciate being included!

d said...

Hiya - found your blog from your posting on mine. :) Haven't listened to the podcast yet, but the feedback intrigues me, so will do so after writing this.

I do want to mention, though, that gay rights here in NZ was one of the reasons my husband and I wanted to move here. Clearly we aren't gay, but equality among humans is important to us and the bigotry in America was becoming overwhelming.

Ok..on to the podcast..

Tim Corrimal said...

Great show, Arthur. Looking forward to the next one.

Tim Corrimal

Arthur Schenck said...

d: Welcome to my blog! I'm interested in what other expat Americans have to say, so I'll certainly be visiting your blog.

Tim: Thanks! I'll be posting the next episode by Thursday our time.