Thursday, December 10, 2020

Sure, why not ask again?

For several years beginning in 2012, I had an annual year-end series of “Ask Arthur” posts (I also had two July series, but gave up that idea). I didn’t do one last year because I was, of course, a bit absorbed by other things going on at that time. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to do a series this year, either, and then I thought, “Sure, why not?”

The decider was when Roger Green made a reference to a question he’d ask, and since that meant I already had one question, why not see if there are any others floating around out there? However, I’m opening it up much later than I would’ve if I’d planned to do these posts, so I plan to leave the questions open for about a week or so, depending on how many I get.

The “Ask Arthur” series of posts is a chance for people to ask me nearly anything, and I try to answer whatever I’m asked. I’ve never had topics that are “off limits”, but the plan was that if I couldn’t answer something for whatever reason I’d say so. It turned out that I never had a question that I wouldn’t answer.

Over the years, I’ve been asked about myself, my past, about life in New Zealand—mine or in general—about being an expat, what I think about various topics or events in the news, and so on. Many different things, many possibilities.

To ask questions, leave a comment on this post (anonymous comments are allowed). Or, you can email me your question (and you can even tell me to keep your name secret, although, why not pick a nom de question?). You can also ask questions on the AmeriNZ Facebook page, though keep in mind that all Facebook Pages are public, just like this blog. You can also send me a private message through the AmeriNZ Facebook Page.

Finally, as I always note, this idea is stolen from inspired by Roger Green’s “Ask Roger Anything” (“ARA”) posts. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or something like that.

So, over to you: Ask your question whatever way works best for you, and I’ll do my best to answer it.

All posts in this series will be tagged “AAA-20”. All previous posts from every “Ask Arthur” series are tagged, appropriately enough, ”Ask Arthur”.


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Roger Owen Green said...

Nom de question! I like it.

Roger Owen Green said...

Q: This is actually a question that came up in a Bible study this morning. The assumption is that people want to get back to the way they were before COVID (and George Floyd and 2020 generally).

What processes are most likely NOT to go back to what had been the norm? And related, how do you think people have changed by 2020? Kinder, greedier, more or less tolerant?

Roger Owen Green said...

What products or services from the US - which you believe still exist - that you miss now that you're in New Zealand?

Roger Owen Green said...

Dreams: I've had a few. Are you having dreams in 2020, ones more vivid than in previous years? PLease share a couple.