Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast 2020

The video above is the Queen’s annual Christmas Broadcast to the UK and The Commonwealth, and this year was a bit different: I saw it when it was broadcast on New Zealand’s TV One (they prefer it to be called “TVNZ1”). For several years I’ve see the broadcast only on YouTube, but this year, with my Christmas Day festivities over, I was home and had the TV on at just the right time. It was kind of odd after so many years seeing it only online.

I assumed the online video version of the broadcast would be available at the same time, or soon after the time, I saw it on TV. However (and I think I may have known this), it seems that it's not available on the official Royal Family YouTube Channel until it’s broadcast in the UK.

I was wondering how she was going to talk about what was a shit year for most of the world, and I thought she took a measured approach. Whether she should have been stronger or not is a matter of opinion, but mine is that I thought she did fine.

I’m not going to share or link to the deepfake video made of her by one of the UK’s privately owned television channels, but I think that making and broadcasting it wasn’t a good idea (I watched it on YouTube so I’d know what I was talking about). At all. First, it wasn’t a true deepfake since it was so very obviously not her voice, and so, it could create the false impression that real deepfakes are easy to spot: The whole point of them is to fool people by having the faked videos convincingly pass as the real thing, and the reveal at the end doesn’t change that fact, especially because many people never make it to the end of YouTube videos. That aside, I don’t think that claiming that they were trying to issue some sort of warning about the disinformation technique was a legitimate reason or justification for what they did. I suspect that they’d argue a warning would have to have “entertainment value” to get people to pay attention. Whatever. I disagree with the whole thing.

In any case, that’s another year’s actual Queen’s Broadcast done.


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