Sunday, September 27, 2020

Today I got a happy ‘Memory’

Today Facebook served up yet another “Memory” of something relating to Nigel and me, and it was again one I’d forgotten about. I posted it, Facebook told me, on Friday, September 27, 2013 at 17:12:
You may remember me saying that Nigel and I see November 2 as our anniversary because that’s the date I arrived in New Zealand to live. This year, we’re planning something a little different: On Friday, November 1—exactly five weeks from today—we’re going to the Registry Office in Auckland and changing our civil union to a marriage. We already had a ceremony when we got our civil union, of course, so we’ll just have the brief ceremony required by law, and in about ten minutes we’ll be legally married.

The next day, November 2—our 18th anniversary together—we’re having a party for friends and family to help us celebrate. We’re excited, but I’m troubled by one thing: How on earth are we going to better THIS for our 20th or 25th?
The marriage ceremony ended up being on Thursday, October 31 because Friday the first of November was full (apparently Fridays were booked out weeks/months in advance). We had the party on the Saturday as planned, though.

I don’t think we didn’t do much for our 20th anniversary, and, of course, we never made it to our 24th last year, let alone our 25th, which would have been this year. But the fact we were married still makes me happy.

I never posted that 2013 Facebook status on this blog, but I did incorporate parts of it into a post the day we were married, October 31, 2013. A week and a half earlier, I’d also published a post in which I talked about preparations for the party, without mentioning what the party was for. I’m sure I’d have had a reason for keeping quiet about it, but I don’t remember what that was.

This wasn’t the first time that Facebook suggested a “Memory” telling me about something I’d forgotten I’d posted there. For example, a couple weeks ago I talked about posting on Facebook what was happening to Nigel long before I said anything here, and that, too, began as a “Memory”. It probably won’t be the last time that a Facebook “Memory” reminds me about something, but they won’t all be about Nigel.

This particular “Memory” was a good one because it reminded me about something I was very excited about, something positive that Nigel and I were doing together. I’m sure I’ll have more to day about that when the anniversary arrives next month, and then the one a few days later, but, for now, what matters to me is just how good and happy that “Memory” was—and still is.

This post incorporates and expands on what I said on my personal Facebook when I shared the “Memory” there.


Roger Owen Green said...

Every once in a while, FB gets it right!

Arthur Schenck said...

They do!