Tuesday, September 29, 2020

A crappy project is finished

Today I completed another project—a small one, sure, but it was an important one. Fortunately, I didn’t do a crap job.

Three years ago, Nigel and I installed a pet waste composting system, which worked well. We had to replace that one when the lawn mowing company hit it and broke it (they paid for the replacement). When I was finishing up at the house last March, I couldn’t find it to dig it up. That meant I didn’t have one for the new house.

The official advice in Hamilton had been to put the furbabies’ gifts into the rubbish, but I never liked doing that. So I bought a composter for this house, but I could just never seem to get around to it. However, in this case, it was about how much work it is: I had to dig a hole around 35cm in diameter and deep. Then it’s buried up to its next. That a lot of digging and moving of dirt.

Prior to that, I also had to work out where to put it, especially because I may never have to move it (digging it up is also a mission, as we found out when our first one was wrecked and we needed to dig it up). I knew the general areas where I wanted to put it, and it was only in the past week or so I worked out the specific spot.

We’ve had some rain lately—including today—but I found a break in the weather, and I started digging. All the rain helped ensure that the dirt wasn’t all dry and hard as concrete, but below that was thick, gluggy clay. That would’ve been the same either way, though.

So, another project is complete. There’s some sawdust-like stuff that helps the gifts break down that needs to be sprinkled on top of the gifts, and today I sprinkled some on the bottom to get it ready for use, because I plan on collecting the gifts tomorrow. This means that the project isn’t just finished, it’s now also in use.

And, now I’m, well, pooped.

The photo up above is the pet waste composter before I installed it (it was sunny when I first took it outside…). The photo below is of the newly-installed composter.


Roger Owen Green said...

Re: the last line - {GROAN!}

Arthur Schenck said...

I see my work here is done.