Wednesday, September 09, 2020

An ordinary day with ordinary things

As usual, lots of stuff that is going on is perfectly ordinary stuff. When it’s a project, major or minor, I blog about it. When it’s not, I make fun of it, as I did in the Facebook status I posted this afternoon. Today was an ordinary day with ordinary things.

It was good to get the front lawn mowed—it had gone from, “yeah, that’ll need a mow soon” to “OMG! I’ve got to mow that as soon as possible!!” over the course of a few days—maybe only a few hours. I don’t know; it’s not like I was actually timing it, or anything. Still, it’s in keeping with the compost bin project I talked about on Sunday, if no other reason than that I put the matted grass clumps I cleaned out from the mower into the bin, as well as a few dried clumps I found that were from the last time I mowed the back lawn. Mainly because I needed some “dry matter” for the bin.

In any event, the batteries are now recharged, and the plan—hope?—is that I can do the back lawn tomorrow. That may require public acknowledgement, too, because sometimes it’s important to celebrate the ordinary things in ordinary days. I just did.


Roger Owen Green said...

oops, I need to mow the lawn!

Arthur Schenck said...

That made me laugh—mainly because I've done the same thing.