Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Funny (to me) on this given day

On any given day, any number of ordinary things can catch our attention, especially when they’re funny. Exactly that happened today.

Yesterday I got an email from my car insurance company asking me to verify the change in my address to Hamilton. Oddly enough, only a few days earlier I realised that I'd never heard anything back when I made the change (they usually send out a confirmation letter). I thought I should contact them about it, so their email was timely.

Then today I got another one with a PDF of that letter I was expecting, and another document apologising for not making the change when I'd requested it back in March, and it then said:
"Your address change resulted in a reduced premium. You will receive a credit of $34.12, which includes compensation* of $0.07."
The reduction is because it's cheaper to insure a car in Hamilton than in Auckland (which I'd forgotten about, actually), but it made me laugh to read there was "compensation* of $0.07." (the asterisk was just to a footnote telling me how it was calculated, which is pretty boring, to be honest).

This wasn’t an important thing, obviously, but it did make me laugh, which is always a welcome thing—especially these days. While I'm always glad for a little extra cash (and "little" is the important word here…), now I'm stumped: How should I spend that massive windfall of 7¢ in compensation?!

This is a somewhat revised version of something I posted to my personal Facebook earlier this afternoon.


Roger Owen Green said...

Seven cents. THAT'S why we hang out here, in case we can share in your largesse.

Arthur Schenck said...

Right? Hang around a rainmaker.