Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Sunny is ten

Today is Sunny's tenth birthday, which hardly seems possible. I’m sure someone’s made a math mistake somewhere. In any case, the Instagram photo above is her official birthday portrait, which really means that’s one she allowed me to take. Another one from her “photoshoot” is below.

On Sunny’s eighth birthday, I wrote about the health scare she’d had the end of the previous year, and how she’d recovered from it. What I didn’t mention is that they also removed her spleen after finding a nodule on it. That turned out to be benign, but the vet warned us she’d probably slow down. That didn’t happen: She was as boisterous as ever. In fact we took to joking that they the vet meant they’d taken our her OTHER spleen.

Over the past year, however, she has slowed down, a bit like Jake did when he neared ten. She can still get manic and boisterous, but on the whole she’s much quieter and more subdued. This is, of course, in contrast to her new little brother, Leo, who is a bundle of energy mixed with action and smiles. I think the manufacturers must put speed in his food.

Sunny likes playing with Leo, and sometimes she chases him around the yard when they’re excited after Nigel or I get home. She also like playing with her cat sister Bella, though Bella is very subdued and quiet these days. She also will sleep next to Jake, especially if it’s cold. So, she’s just as affectionate and connected to us all as always.

Sunny is still one of the happiest dogs I've ever known, now joined by Leo. She’s still “Sunny by name, sunny by nature”, and we can’t imagine her any other way.

Happy Tenth Birthday, Sunny!

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