Sunday, July 01, 2018

Furry Sunday snooze

Today was a grey, rainy, and dismal day. The perfect excuse for a nap—not that the furbabies need an excuse, of course. I was putting away washing this afternoon and saw Leo and Jake were having a nap, I took out my phone and a few minutes later, it was posted to Instagram (above).

Leo likes to try to stay out of the way of Jake and Sunny who are much bigger than he is. This is funny to us because before Leo came to live with us, we though Jake and Sunny were pretty small. Not so much these days. Leo also gets away with a lot because he’s cute. Lucky for him.

When I went back in the bedroom later this afternoon, I saw the three of them lying on the bed together (photo below). Jake was back in basically the same spot he was in earlier that afternoon. It’s his favourite spot because the heat pump blows down on him and keeps him warm.

And, as it is so many days, that was my entertainment highlight for the day.

And no, I didn't really make Leo move. Like I said, he's cute.

Later that same afternoon: Jake, top, and Leo, left, and Sunny.

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