Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Worth Quoting: Jan Schakowsky

US Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL, pictured) released a statement on Don’s appointment of his “Chief Strategist”. I agree with what she says:

Donald Trump has failed his first test as President-Elect. Only days after declaring that his presidency would strive to bring our country together, he has chosen to put one of the most important roles of his Administration in the hands of a man who could not possibly be more divisive.

Steve Bannon has a documented history of anti-Semitism and support for white nationalism. As Chairman of Breitbart News, he is responsible for the rise of the alt-right movement and has provided a forum for these racist, hate-filled views to develop and thrive. I am appalled that such a figure would even be considered for a position of this stature.

I would like to be able to work with the incoming administration to support hard-working Americans across our country. However, this will not be possible if the hatred and bigotry that characterized the President-Elect’s campaign is transferred into his administration.

I will continue to defend the rights and liberties of everyone in this country. If Donald Trump truly wants to be the President for all Americans, Steve Bannon and others like him should have no place in the White House.

Full disclosure: Jan Schakowsky is my US Representative; I voted for her in the recent elections and every other year she’s been the Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives.

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